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Website Design

Web design and development is much more than making a website. It’s a skill set executed with artistry and strategy at its core. A magnitude of research focused on determining what works and what doesn’t, is available. This volume of study is a testament to the value of an effective website and the risks that accompany an ineffective one. Web design is one of the main services we provide, and for good reason — it is the cornerstone of any brand’s marketing strategy. There are rules about what makes for a poorly-designed website, things like overly-complex layouts, usability issues, small or confusing text, harsh color schemes (or, equally as bad, bland ones), slow load times, and navigational elements that are difficult to use or find.

Let’s define what makes a good website. First, content is key: you can have a beautiful colors and site architecture, but if there’s nothing of relevance to back it up, then it’s of no value to your consumer. Having a well defined goal is key. Before we even begin, we should have answers to questions like:
• Why would someone come to this website?
• What might they be looking for?
• What do they want from us?
• How can we turn visitors into customers?

As we move from initial strategy through to development and launch, we should remain focused on answering those initial questions.

Keeping all messaging, images, colors, etc., inline with the company’s brand are also key to good web design. It is as important (if not more important) to convey the brand standards through digital storefronts as it is to communicate a specific message to customers who physically walk through the doors.

In addition, we make sure the right people find our client’s websites. A good web strategy should always incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The web design department includes experts from many different fields: information architecture, graphic designers, copy writers, developers, and SEO professionals. Each of these team members play critical roles in getting to the finish line with a product we know will exceed our clients expectations.

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Good SEO planning is ALWAYS our concern. We know you need to be seen and there are ways to make that happen. Your campaign design needs SEO at the its core.

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